Ajjubhai94's Free Fire ID number, real name, stats, picture and more

Total Gaming

Free Fire is rise in popularity ever since its release, Here is a old and worlds one of the best players name's Ajjubhai. He is a great content creator in world and has higest subscriber on his youtube channel in freefire. 

Short Biography of Total Gaming

Real Name Ajay
Age 23 years old
Free Fire UID 451012596
FreeFire In-Game Name Ajjubhai94
Country India
K/D 4.89
Controls 4 Fingure+gyroscope(Always on)
Current Device iPhone 12 pro max

Social Media Details

Youtube Channel Total Gaming
Instagram @totalGaming_offical
2 Youtube Channel Total Gaming live

Total Gaming Biography

Total Gaming is one of the most popular Free Fire Player from India. The player Below the channel is Ajjubhai94, Ajjubhai is popular with his gaming perfomance and one shot headshot.

Ajjubhai94’s Free Fire Id

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Id is 451012596, and his in-game name is "ajjubhai94". He is owner of Total Gaming YouTube channel.

Ajjubhai94’s Face Revel

Ajjubhai94's haven't reveled his face anywere but from some leak we come to know the fake face revel of Ajjubhai94 is below image.

Ajjubhai94 real name and stats

Ajjubhai94 real name is Ajay. As mentioned earlier, he has maintained a good level of privacy and haven’t revealed his face or full name.

Lifetime Stats

Ajjubhai94 has Played total of 9231 squad matches and has won 2392 from that, which Make a good level of win rate of 25.91%. He has made upto 33842 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.95

Ajjubhai has 356 Booyahs in 1786 duo games, which makes his win rate 18.5%. He has killed 7300 opponents in this mode at a K/D ratio of 4.62.

Ajjubhai has played 1072 solo matches and has 106 Booyahs to his name. He has gained over 2215 kills in this mode.

Ajjubhai Instagram Id

Ranked Stats

Ajjubhai94 has played 37 squad games in the ongoing ranked season. He has secured 84 Booyahs and 2772 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.23. He has also maintained a win ratio of 7.64%.

The famous content creator has played 10 solo game and 20 duo games in the current season. He has a 10 in the solo mode and 23 kills in the duo mode. Ajjubhai is one of the best Free Fire players in the World.

Ajjubhai94’s YouTube Channel

The Total Gaming Youtube channel has more than 30M+ subscribers. Ajjubhai has uploaded around 1,560 videos on the channel and has garnered 4.8 billion combined views in total.

Click here to visit his channel. 

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